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Girls State

 Purpose Girls State is an Americanism and government training program sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. It is a nationwide program for girls who have just completed their junior year of high school. This program allows girls the opportunity to live together as self-governing citizens and informs them about the duties, privileges, rights, and responsibilities of American citizenship. Through participation, delegates may better understand the functioning of their government and the responsibilities they will assume when they become adults.

Program There are fifteen cities, four counties, and two political parties at Girls State. Each girl is assigned to a city and to either the Nationalist or Federalist party. Citizens learn through activities, the techniques, advantages and disadvantages of two-party government. Every girl has a part in the operation of her city. The citizens of each city elect their officials and set up their government.

Election of Officials Political parties are organized at the city precinct level and continue through county and state conventions. Platforms are endorsed, and primary and general elections are held. Two girls will be elected United States Senators representing Evergreen Girls State at Girls Nation in Washington D.C. in July. These U.S. Senators and the Girls State Governor will have additional responsibilities following the end of the session. The Girls State Legislatures organized upon the principles of the Washington State Legislature. Bills are introduced and, by legislative process, defeated or enacted into law. Procedures are conducted according to Reed's parliamentary rules, and the laws of the State of Washington. Throughout the session, county and state officials come to Girls State to share their knowledge about government.

General Instructions Upon arrival, delegates receive Guide Books listing the location of each activity and other information pertinent to the program. The flag is raised each morning, presented at all assemblies, and lowered each evening. The girls will be taught how to show proper respect for the American Flag. Grace will be given before each meal and invocation before each assembly. Each afternoon there is a structured activity period. The day ends with a quiet time for fellowship and the sharing of ideas. Attendance at all functions is required; there may be a choice of which activities to attend, but never a choice whether or not to attend. Complete instructions will be mailed to the girls prior to leaving for for Girls State. The material will help them to prepare for a successful week. The information will include program rules, aids, and a list of what to bring.

Eligibility The individual units of the American Legion Auxiliary are responsible for the final selection of the girls. Girls selected should be outstanding in leadership, character, service to the school and community, and have shown evidence of an interest in government. They must have every intention of attending their senior year of high school at the school which they represent. They can not be obligated to any other organization or have other plans during the dates Girls State is being held. The Girls selected must plan to stay from Sunday through Saturday morning.

Girls State is a strenuous and exhausting program -- physically and emotionally. It is no place for people recovering from a serious illness or injury. Girls State is held in Ellensburg where hay fever and asthma are prevalent in the area. If a special needs student is selected, who needs assistance to fully participate, the student's contributing organization must furnish a full-time female aide, over 25 years of age, to assist that student. All expenses for the aide, including the transportation, meals, and lodging, must be assumed by the contributing organization. Proof of age of the aide is required. This is to be furnished to the American Legion Auxiliary Department office with the registration form for the special needs student. Also the Department must be assured that the proper insurance is provided for the special needs student and her aide, and additional premiums be assumed by the contributing organization, unit, parent or guardian of the special needs student.

Scholarships The American Legion Auxiliary offers several scholarship opportunities. The Samsung Scholarship offers descendants of veterans a change to compete for a nationwide scholarship. The Samsung Scholarship Application will be released in May. Other Scholarship applications are available on this website.

College Credits Citizens attending the American Legion Auxiliary Evergreen Girls State Summer Leadership Program can earn college elective credits to the accredited college you select from a RTG sponsoring college or university.
All RTG credit sponsoring institutions are appropriately accredited through one of the seven nationally recognized regional accreditors. For questions on accreditation visit

Your academic requirement after Girls State will be to write a Reflection paper and attach it to a 'Thank You Letter' to your sponsoring organization. For more information go to:

There are two courses for a total of 4 semester credits available for each Girls State citizen to take. The cost is $60 per credit for a total of $240. The first course is titled Citizenship. This course covers the development of the American system of local and state governments and how they work. Great hands-on experience that will enhance your personal and professional life.

The second course is called College Options. This takes you through the maze of options for college financing and admissions. It covers critical fundamentals as well as tips to succeed through the entire process. Outstanding in-depth insight that will benefit every college student. For more detailed information visit Information will also be given to each citizen attending Evergreen Girls State!

Graduation Girls who complete the course of instruction, take part in all phases of Girls State, and adhere to the rules will be given certificates and pins at the close of the session. Girls who do not participate fully or who, in the opinion of the staff, do not complete the training or violate the rules, will not receive certificates or pins. Sponsoring Units, parents, and schools will be notified of girls failing to successfully complete the program.
 ucating young women in the workings of our government. A registered nurse is in attendance throughout the session. Adequate first aide assistance is provided for those girls who may become ill or injured during the course of the session. American Legion Auxiliary Members, throughout the state, give of their time and talents to promote this educational program.




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(February 28, 1961 - May 7, 1975) Vietnam War

(August 24, 1982 - July 31,1984) Lebanon/Grenada

(December 20, 1989 - January 31, 1990) Operation Just Cause

(August 2, 1990 - Today)* Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Until Cessation of Hostilities.
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